With an area of 110,000 square kilometers, the lower northern region includes 11 provinces with rivers and mountain ranges which border the neighboring countries of Myanmar and Laos. This area is the source of shelter and food for many beautiful birds.
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The region is rich in natural resources, such as forests and water, which are home for many bird species. There is a large freshwater lake on the south side, known as Bueng Boraphet. Wild ducks visit this place during the winter. With towering and rolling verdant mountains on the west (Maewong and Umphang), Phu Hin Rong Khla and Phu Soidao on the east, colorful migratory birds are enchanted to visit these places. There is also a nursery which houses different species of egrets that is conducive to the survival of these birds. These ten provinces have more than 600 bird species.
This website is especially created to give an overview of the various species of birds found in the eleven lower northern provinces of Thailand. We hope you will realize the importance of birds and that in our own small way, we help propagate and disseminate information about their existence.
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